Weekly Games

Froggie's Freebies Looks like Froggie has some extra cards.
Mini Puzzle Try to put this back together.
Take a Chance on Me Wanna take a gamble?
Buono Match Got any of these cards?
Battle Song Let's play war!
Pick a Johnny Pick your favorite~!

Extra Activities

Fan Badges Ready to earn one?
Froggie's Trade Post Trade with Froggie!
CD Exchange Trade in your CDs here!
The Graveyard Looks like Froggie has been collecting past members' cards.
Supreme Diva Can you complete this before the end of the month?
Request Hour Have a request?
Donate Want to donate?

Pop Biweekly Set 1

Idollica What idol is this?
Discography Guess the whose body of music this is.
Picture Perfect Guess the PV
Pop Memory Simple Memory Game

Rock Biweekly Set 1

Travelin' Band Guess the band.
Your Song Find the lyrics.
Six Degrees Name the musician.
Rock Puzzle Simple Puzzle Game

Pop Biweekly Set 2

Tracklisting Guess the album
Meet & Greet Name the group
Unspoken Find the missing lyric

Rock Biweekly Set 2

Freeze Frame Guess the PV
Idolized Name the Person
Cover Art Guess the album/single cover.