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Another Change

20 Dec 2012
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I swear, this will be the last template change.  It's not too big, not too small. 

I'm thinking about just focusing on music videos, but I don't really know yet.

Just a Taste

01 Nov 2012
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I don't know when we will exactly open since I'm supposed to be testing out a new TCG manager script and I was hoping to use it for this TCG.  If I don't get the script by the end of November, I will probably have this TCG open in December or January using good ol' MyTCG.

Nov 4th: Future Deck Page

If you have checked out the future/upcoming deck page, that there are two extra columns called "Added" and "Donated".  This is more for me than for the members; however, it will tell you when a deck is more likely to be released. 

Decks that marked "Yes" under donations are more likely to be released first than a deck that is marked "No".  The "Added" category is so that the oldest decks get released first. 

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