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Gonna be moving~

12 Feb 2013
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I just want to point out that Music Station will be moving to by March.  I'm working a lot of 12 hours/7 days a week right now, which is slowing me down big time.

Getting There~

20 Jan 2013
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I just want to say I'm still working on this.  The TCG will start out as a mini-TCG at first due to all of the overtime I'm currently working.  The games I have up now are the old round from the last time Music Station was ran.  A few games weren't 100% completed, but I am currently working on those.  :>

We should be open in some form by the end of February or early March.

Games That Need To Be Finished

  1. Six Degrees
  2. Tracklisting
  3. Meet & Greet
  4. Freeze Frame
  5. Idolized
  6. Unspoken
  7. Cover Art

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